Code of Ethics

The following principles shall be incorporated into our facility’s daily functioning:

Westview is a high quality professional health care facility that is committed to providing an atmosphere, which allows residents and patients to maintain and maximize their self determination and participation in the decision making process. The residents’ and patients’ physical, medical, social, and emotional needs must be of ultimate concern and met equally without discrimination of any kind. Each resident and patient, at all stages of their lives, shall be treated with dignity and respect.

This facility is equally committed to maintaining the highest quality of health care delivery by remaining current with the principles of long-term care. Employees have the responsibility of maintaining competency within their area of expertise. This facility shall provide a professional environment, which promotes continued education and growth within an employee’s expertise. It is the intention of this facility to provide an environment appropriate to the needs of both the residents/patients and our employees.

The management of Westview believes in our employees’ ability and the quality of their work. Ultimately, it is the combined efforts of the entire Westview Team that shall dictate the success of our organization.

It is the intention of our organization to recognize and regard positive and professional contributions to the ongoing success of our Westview Team.

Our facility encourages an environment that fosters mutual respect with its employees and residents/patients. It is the expectation that all Westview healthcare professionals adhere to these principles.