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150 Ware Road
Dayville, CT

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  • Photo of David Panteleakos

    David T. Panteleakos

      Ext. 112

  • Photo of Ruth Bentley

    Ruth Bentley

    Director of Human Resources

  • Photo of Cindy Olsen

    Cindy Olsen

    Director of Nursing Services

  • Photo of Michael

    Michael Panteleakos

    Director of Billing and Fiscal Systems

  • Photo of Shivanie Staples

    Shivanie Staples

    Billing and Receivables Coordinator

  • Photo of Jeffrey Pycko

    Jeffrey Pycko

    Director of Support Services

  • Photo of Nathan Mitchell

    Nathan Mitchell

    Director of Dietary Services

  • Photo of Kim Legault

    Kim Legault

    Payroll Coordinator
      Ext 145

  • Photo of Janessa Choquette

    Janessa Choquette

    Director of Fiscal Services

  • Photo of Phuong Nilo

    Phuong Nilo

    Director of Therapies

  • Photo of Lynn Kennedy

    Lynn Kennedy

    Director of Resident Services

  • Photo of Christine Zadora

    Christine Zadora

    Administrative Assistant; Marketing Specialist

  • Photo of Louise Taylor

    Louise Taylor

    Director of Therapeutic Recreation and Volunteers

  • Photo of Jill Blain

    Jill Blain, RN

    Nurse Consultant; Director of Staff Education

  • Photo of Kerri Sauer

    Kerri Sauer

    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

  • Photo of Jessica Mule

    Jessica Mulé

    Infection Control Coordinator

  • Photo of Lori Smith

    Lori Smith

    Social Services

  • Photo of Alex

    Alex Williams

    Director of Sports Medicine Services

  • Photo of deb

    Deb Sargent

    Sports Medicine Administrative Assistant

Contact us

150 Ware Road
P.O. Box 428
Dayville, Connecticut 06241
Tel: 860-774-8574
Fax: 860-779-5425
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If you or your loved one would like more information or to take a tour of the facility, we invite you to a closer look at Westview Health Care Center.

Please contact our Resident Services office at 860-774-8574

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