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Feel Better. Look Better.


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Shopper's Guide | Turnpike Buyer

Date Run:
March 4, 2015

    "Feel Better. Look Better." is a full-page advertisement that ran on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 in The Shopper's Guide and Turnpike Buyer.

    This advertisement continues with the promotion of Westview's Certified Athletic Trainers, addressing the possible benefits of an exercise regiment including: feeling better, looking better, having more energy and less stress.

    A photograph of a runner's feet in the snow headlines the advertisement with the statement: "Don't allow Old Man Winter to interfere with your fitness goals"- a timely message considering that the advertisement ran during a heavy snow cycle of that year.

    The advertisement lists a host of personal benefits one could achieve while embarking or maintaining a health and wellness plan including strength-building, muscle toning, post-surgical rehabilitation and athletic conditioning in prepartion of the upcoming sports season or event.

Westview Health Care Center is a 103-bed skilled nursing inpatient facility, which includes a distinct and self-contained 28-bed subacute short-term rehabilitation unit and an Outpatient Rehabilitation and Aquatic Center. Westview is proud to have received such accolades as US News and World Report America’s Best, Consumer Reports Top 10 Connecticut Nursing Facility rating and Health Grades 5-Star Top Ranking.

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