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Westview's "Visitation" Offerings

We have prioritized various ways for family and friends to stay in touch with their loved ones (and vice versa) here at Westview. Utilizing technology and free-to-use software our Recreation Department is offering the following methods for family and friends to directly communicate with their loved ones at Westview, including:

  • Facetime calls (video/audio calls utilizing your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac)
  • Skype calls (video/audio calls. Must have Skype app and account)
  • Controlled Face-to-Face Lobby & Patio visits (See and speak with your loved one through our lobby window or on the patio while maintaining all standard and state-issued health requirements)
  • Scheduled Indoor or In-Room Visitation (Approved on a case-by-case basis and contigent on several safety factors such as community outbreadk status); in order to ensure all residents/patients have visitation with their loved ones, we may need to limit the time and the number of visits per resident, per week.

Planning Your Visit

  • All visits shall be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Visitors may not bring pets, food or beverages with them for a visit at this time.

During Your Indoor or In-Room Visit

  • Masks shall be provided and must be worn at all times and fully cover your nose and mouth.
  • Visitors shall maintain 6-foot social distancing from those in hallways and other areas on their way to the resident's/patient's room.
  • Visitors are not permitted to access other parts of building other than designated visiting space or the resident’s/patient's room. You must immediately exit the facility after your visit.

All scheduling for Westview's Visitation Offerings must be coordinated through Christine Zadora, Assistant to the Administrator, and NOT through Westview's Recreation Department.

Christine can be reached at 860-774-8574, ext. 110.

COVID-19 Communications Response Policy (6/9/2020)

It is the policy of Westview Health Care Center to communicate the presence of known COVID-19 cases and subsequent exposures in the facility to all staff, residents and resident family members.

Pursuant to State and Federal guidelines, the facility shall notify all interested parties listed above of any positive COVID-19 exposures as soon as possible and not to exceed 12 hours from the notification to the facility of any positive exposure.

Residents, resident responsible party members and staff with known direct exposure to a COVID-19 positive case/s will be notified individually of their level of exposure directly in person or via telephone.

In addition to a direct exposure to a respective resident and resonsible party member, all other resident family and/or responsible party members shall be notified via email or telephone in the event an email is not available of any non-direct exposures accordingly.

All active staff shall be notified directly while working and via the Employee COVID-19 Information Center located at the lower level time clock.

All notifications shall be executed by the Administrator and/or designee. Additionally, any and all communications, questions or concerns by staff, resident/s and/or a resident's responsible party member must be forwarded to Christine Zadora, Assistant to the Administrator at extension 110.

All individual medical status pertaining to COVID-19 for residents and staff is protected by the Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPPA) and is only to be shared with the respective parties.

Please remember that any and all communications related to any resident's medical condition is subject to HIPPA regulations.

At no time should any staff member communicate or speculate with resident family members or co-workers about other residents, the facility's exposure status and/or any other issue not specifically under the purview or responsibility of the respective staff member.

All staff should review the COVID-19 Employee Information Board daily and/or the facility's website COVID-19 for staff.

All staff is to be reminded that any and all discussions related to COVID-19 statuses may only be communicated consistent with the policy above.

Please remember to refer any and all questions to Christine Zadora, Assistant to the Administrator at extension 110.

Bringing Items into the Facility:

Deliveries of non-perishables can be made during designated visiting hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm; Saturday & Sunday 12pm-4pm.

"Family Will Do Laundry" Service:

If you prefer to handle your loved one's laundry service, please contact Kim Legault, Administrative Assistant at 860-774-8574, extension 100 to make arrangements for pick-up and drop off service.

All items entering the building must be cleared by Kim Legault, Administrative Assistant, in the Main Lobby.

Kim can be reached at 860-774-8574, ext. 100.


Westview's Facebook Page


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Westview happenings and information on Facebook

Feel free to become our "friend" on Facebook where we like to share photos, press releases, media content and other positive and heartwarming content. Please click here or click the image above to visit us on Facebook.

Westview's Channel 2

(Resident/Patient access only)

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Westview's Channel 2

Westview patients and residents have their own dedicated "Westview" tv channel that supplies information, calendar events, facility contacts, previously recorded Recreation events, movies, curated videos from the internet and more! Residents and patients simply need to tune into "Channel 2" on their television to watch!


Christine Zadora

Administrative Assistant;
Marketing Specialist

Please contact Chris directly to coordinate and schedule Facetime, Skype or face-to-face lobby visits with your loved ones. Chris can be reached at 860-774-8574, ext. 110.

Kim Legault

Administrative Assistant/
Support Services

Please contact Kim directly with any questions or concerns regarding incoming items to patients and residents. Kim can be reached at 860-774-8574, ext. 100.

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If you or your loved one would like more information or to take a tour of the facility, we invite you to a closer look at Westview Health Care Center.

Please contact our Resident Services office at 860-774-8574

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