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Westview Supports Attawaugan Fire Department

August 28, 2007

For the third consecutive year, Westview Health Care Center sponsored the Attawaugan Fire Company's softball team through the donation of Champion three-quarter jerseys. The non-profit, volunteer fire company has been in existence since November 7, 1943 and is part of The Killingly Fire Prevention Softball league, where 6 Killingly fire companies; and their family and friends come together for spirited competition.

Recently, with the transition from Westview's existing building to their new 4100sq. ft. commercial kitchen, Westview also donated a commercial stove and convection oven from the facilities old kitchen to the Attawaugan Fire Station.

Administrator/CEO of Westview states, "Westview Health Care Center understands the importance of supporting our local volunteer fire company and their endeavors. These hard working individuals volunteer their time to keep our community safe and they certainly have all of our best interests in mind."

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