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"I loved the Westview PT staff. I would never make the choice to go directly home instead of going to a rehab center because my experience coming to Westview with my rehab was so positive that I would recommend that to everyone. Even if you have a nurse or PT person at home they can't devote the kind of time that the staff can and did when I was at Westview."

                                                            - Jan Zacharski, Brooklyn

"After a right knee replacement I went straight home with services coming into the house at the suggestion of my physician. Unfortunately, having someone come to the house to do therapy did not work for me because they were under time constraints. I received minimal treatment because they also needed to focus on their paperwork and other responsibilities. I went to the same surgeon to have my left knee replaced and this time I told my surgeon that I would be going to Westview for rehabilitation because I was dissatisfied with my recovery during my first surgical experience.

I am so glad that I made the choice to go to Westview. I found a BIG difference in my length of time to recover, as well as my outcome. Westview's staff of professionals not only focused on my surgical knee but also prepared my entire body for the healing demands that my recovery process required. They had the equipment and expertise to provide me with what I needed to meet my recovery expectations. I am so convinced about how I feel about my experience at Westview that I tell people that if I had a third knee I would go back to Westview for my rehabilitation."

                                                            -Beverly Sevigny, Dayville

"I chose to go home after my first knee surgery because some people told me that I should be able to take care of myself with some help coming in from a home care agency. They were so wrong. The people who were coming in were not able to provide daily services and I just couldn't do it myself. For my second knee surgery, I told my doctor that I wanted to go to Westview. What a difference the daily therapy and the remarkable staff made in my recovery. I made more progress in the two weeks when I went to Westview for my second surgery than the 8 months it took after my first with going home. My wife had to work, so it was great not worrying about getting help and also recovering in such a beautiful place made it easier."

                                                             - Marc Reller, Charlton, MA

"I'm a younger person thinking I could go home after surgery and I really couldn't have, so I chose to go to Westview. Being at Westview helped me recuperate not only physically but also mentally and emotionally and it was an unbelievable experience. I'm so thankful that we have something like this in the area that I could get concentrated care that I could focus all my energies on."

                                                             - Donna LaHaie, Putnam

Westview Health Care Center is a 103-bed skilled nursing inpatient facility, which includes a distinct and self-contained 28-bed subacute short-term rehabilitation unit and an Outpatient Rehabilitation and Aquatic Center, both dedicated to providing quality health care services. Along with garnering a perfect five star overall rating found on Medicare.gov Westview is proud to have received such accolades as US News and World Report America’s Best, Consumer Reports Top 10 Connecticut Nursing Facility rating and Health Grades 5-Star Top Ranking.

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