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Westview Resident Turns 103

February 22, 2010

On Sunday, February 21st, over 50 family and friends gathered at Westview Health Care Center in Dayville, Connecticut to celebrate Westview resident MaTante Adrienne Coderre's 103rd birthday.

Attendees, as far as Poughkeepsie New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and various areas of Connecticut filled the formal dining room with a high-energy buzz of stories of year's past. To celebrate, cake and ice cream were served, festive balloons hung in the air and a 103rd birthday announcement banner hung from the head table, all in honor of a special lady who is described as "the glue" that brings the family together, year after year.

Niece, Dee Carnahan fondly recalls, "She was always so good to all of us as children when we visited our grandparents every Sunday. She spent time with us playing games to keep us entertained during our visits and she always positively influenced our lives in kind and helpful ways.

Adrienne Coderre was born on February 18, 1907, as one of thirteen children, to Philippe and Amanda Coderre, and lived in North Grosvenordale all of her life. As an adult, she worked as a clerk at the North Grosvenordale Post Office for 23 years, and was known to be an honest and hardworking individual. When asked about what she attributes her longevity to, Miss Coderre responded with, "I have lived my life in moderation. I have concentrated on my relationships with family and friends; and my spiritual connection with God through worship and volunteerism at St. Joseph's Catholic Church and School in North Grosvenordale."

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