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Westview Hosts Concussion Management Program

April 30, 2015

On April 27, 2015, Westview Health Care Center’s Sports Medicine experts and affiliates hosted 52 area health care professionals, physicians, nurses, school athletic directors, and athletic trainers for a presentation on Westview’s newly developed Playbook Program on Concussion Management.

The educational program called “Making Headway” concentrated on concussion recognition and management due to the sporting industry’s emphasis on the rising number of mild traumatic brain injuries commonly seen in athletes who compete in sports.

“It was an honor to have hosted this relevant and meaningful program which included this distinguished and knowledgeable panel of speakers,” remarked Westview Administrator David T. Panteleakos. “Westview works hard to remain at the educational forefront of health-related topics in order to keep our community informed and empowered.”

Keynote speakers included Neurologist Dr. Anthony Alessi of Neuro Diagnostics LLC of Norwich and Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology and Orthopedics at the University of Connecticut; Dr. Jeffrey Manning, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician of Affinity Sports Medicine in Rhode Island; Dr. Janet Grace, Director of Rehabilitation Neuropsychology at Memorial Hospital in Rhode Island; and Dr. Terry Harrison-Goldman of New England Pediatric Institute of Neurodevelopment at Memorial Hospital. Drs. Manning, Grace and Harrison-Goldman are affiliated with the Care New England Comprehensive Concussion Management Program and are faculty of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Presenters also included Westview’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Alex Williams and Certified Athletic Trainers Mike Taylor and Mike Cerasoli.

Topics of discussion included Concussion Myths and Misconceptions; Current Best Practices in Prevention, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Recovery; Current Concussion Legislation in Connecticut; and Westview’s Sports Medicine Center Program treatment protocols, which included Return to Academics and Sport.

“I was impressed over the diversified and professional audience that was present for this program,” stated Sports Neurologist Dr. Anthony Alessi. “It is important to continue studying and evaluating concussion management to better understand its complexities for people of all ages so we are able to determine the right tools and systems to prevent injury and protect our athletes. Westview is providing a meaningful sports medicine program that it is steeped with a great knowledge base and the highest level of equipment that is comparable to what you will find in the training rooms of professional sports teams.”

Program attendees in attendance received a guided tour of the Westview Sports Medicine Center, tailgate munchies and a complimentary swag bag.

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